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Exchange Rate

Oct. 22, 2016 05:24:00 AM ET USD KRW
Basic Rate 1.3320 856.42
Transfer Outgoing 1.3495 839.63
Incoming 1.3145 873.90
Cash You Buy 1.3530 815.64
You Sell 1.3110 892.11
Reference purpose only. Actual rates may differ.
Change of Login Password Policy During October, Login Password policy will be modified and password must be changed for upgraded security features. Learn more
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1Q Mobile Banking Features

  • All you need is your friend’s mobile number or email address to transfer money!
  • 1Q INSTA ensures Quick & Easy use of money Transfer
  • Use Qapture to deposit cheques anytime, anywhere

Download 1Q Mobile Banking App

  1. 1. Search “1Qbank”
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